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layout: instance
category: wiki
title: DokuWiki
description: A simple to use wiki software designed for collaboration.
banner: dokuwiki.png
photo: dokuwiki.png
pricing: no
tos: ../legal/terms-of-service
license: <a href="">GPLv2</a>
permalink: /instances/dokuwiki
features: <span></span>&#8226; Easy to use<br> &#8226; Built-in Access Control Lists<br> &#8226; Large variety of extensions<br> &#8226; Over 50 languages supported<br> &#8226; Device independent<br> &#8226; Open Source
[DokuWiki]( is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source wiki software. While [MediaWiki](/instances/mediawiki) is meant for large and complicated wikis, DokuWiki is meant for smaller, and simpler wikis.
DokuWiki includes build-in access controls and authentication connectors, and a large number of plugins - this set of features make it useful in the enterprise context and allow its use for a broad range of use cases. It provides various customization options, through the admin interface, through downloading of templates and plugins to developing your own extensions.
**DokuWiki main features:**
* Easy to use
* Built-in Access Control Lists
* Large variety of extensions
* Over 50 languages supported
* Device independent
* Open Source
**Stay focused on collaborating and let us take care of the rest.**
If you need a DokuWiki instance for your project/team, you can reach out to our team and get human and friendly support through our support portal. provides you with:
* a ready2use DokuWiki instance
* custom domain
* admin access
* latest stable updates
* friendly human support
* backups
You can self-host DokuWiki, or you can choose our professional service to set it up for you. With our manged DokuWiki hosting service, we take care of the set-up, maintenance, updates and backups. Our professional team members can support you with the on-boarding process, and guide you to get the best out of this software.
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ layout: instance
category: publishing
title: Kotahi
description: The Modern Scholarly Publishing Platform.
splash: editoria.png
banner: kotahi.png
photo: kotahi.png
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