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title: "How to host your own matomo instance"
date: 2022-04-13 12:00:01
thumbnail: matomo-instance.png
landing: matomo-instance-blog.png
author: adela_prifti
tags: [news, howto]
category: [blogposts]
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As we all already know, [Google Analytics is being gradually banned]( from EU countries, and almost all organizations are considering migrating to a compliant web analytics tool. [Matomo]( is the best (open source) Google Analytics alternative that protects your data and your customers’ privacy. It puts YOU firmly back in control and the good news is that anyone can do it.
Installing Matomo correctly for you to use its full features is a very important task for companies. It might seem daunting at first for beginners, but with some help everything is easier, right? This video will walk you through all the steps to get started with your own [Matomo instance]( and make this journey as easy as possible.
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In this presentation, presented at [Matomo Camp 2021](, Boris explains in a very detailed way:
- How to choose a server provider that is suitable for your instance according to the visitor’s location so your server loads faster.
- How to create a server and make all the necessary installations on it.
- And of course, a Matomo setup guide with all it elements.
And that’s all you need, your instance is up and running 🎉. Sleep easy at night knowing you have full data ownership and that your users’ data is protected, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your website is GDPR and CCPA compliant. With Matomo you get greater insights, unlimited websites, API usage and much more, with only a few easy steps.
📌 Can’t install this yourselves and need help? Have a lot at our Starter and Medium+ packages []( Your Matomo instance is ready2use and we take care of backups, software updates and techical support when needed.
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